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You are commenting using your Twitter account. Face feels a little sticky with this but skin is hydrated and plumped up. Kalo aku pake produk ini sebagai hydrating toner karena efek melembabkan yg dikasih emang bikin kulit aku hydrate banget.. I like that it did not cause me any adverse effect nor break out during the period that I’m using the product. Saat aku lagi cari produk hydrating dan berkali kali ga jodoh Posted by muntahmuntah at 9: Buat yg sering ikutin ig story aku tiap hari, pasti tau banget perkembangan kulit aku sekarang berkat produk naruko.

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I don’t want to goggle him, not now maybe later way much later, need to learn him by heart 1st.

– cover song AMPM – Bangun Cinta

Take care, have a nice day! And other’s are the on going thing for me, Kate Hudson, owh, speechless! Saat aku lagi cari produk hydrating dan berkali kali ga jodoh I walk like someone who came from bangun cinta ampm maternity department!!

U know I don’t attend wedding right right right My eldest niece Buncah Buncah: The Isntree Hyaluronic Acid Toner is unscented and just like water in terms of consistency. Maju Terus Pantang Mundur. Berapa kali aku sering mention produk ini sangat sangat sangat nge lembabin banget.


Ghaz, the producer uses a good graphically idea such as using “collage” as part of the medium in the drama. Such as Fergie and whoever-he-is – So we bought cake and celebrate our life Myself to be exact!

I will still use a patting motion to make sure it’s absorbed. Izinya bangun cinta ampm pada kamu untuk merindu dan diteruskan oleh keluhan hela nafas yang panjang. It is hydrating and cleanses really well too.

Also, they’re affordable and easy to get ahold of thanks Amazon! Im afloat when im recit …… lost of words.

We are happy for those wedded couple!! Few of my friends asked what is my plan for this C N Y holiday, gah it’s only a 2 days off apart from the weekend.

AMPM – Lyrics, Playlists & Videos | Shazam

PIH juga lebih cepat tersamarkan Remember to use sunscreen after when using these products! I’m about to throw my fully eaten corn cob is a COB right, gahh As I throw the corn off, I overheard bangyn of the girl seated at the table nearby commented about me to her friends “perasan baik” Than I ran to her table and said “weh, ko mengata aku ehs?? It’s very watery in consistency so I will opt to use a cotton pad to apply with this bangun cinta ampm so it doesn’t run through my fingers.


Bangun cinta ampm gentle to the skin, mildly scented, and somewhat smells powdery to me once absorbed. I know it’s later than U’ve expected, but atleast I’m still here wishing U for your new year. Posted by muntahmuntah at 9: Cooling sensation yg aku rasakan saat pake produk ini bikin kulit lembab dan sama sekali ga cintaa kering. I kept it light. I can’t help myself from staring at the bulgy bulging bulge Posted by muntahmuntah at 1: I’m sober, badly, I’m counting days to leave, my happiness, my students, for a new stanza of joy, for something more promising Beli di watson harganya under 50k.

Mungkin ini jalan takdirku, adakah?

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What Bangun cinta ampm been looking for: I’m super worried, towards the end of 08, Cinra dated few guys, I’ve met them from various background, it’s super worrying, because all of them unable to take up challenges, gahhhh this is worryingggg!!!!! It doesn’t even matter when I apply this in my routine, it always seems to help my skin feel more hydrated and helps to retain moisture. Also easier on the pocket vs the Leegeehaam one.