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Even today when I listen to him I go down the memory lane and find solace. Eii Sundaro swarnali sandhya. Partha Protim Nandy Darun. Tomader Bhalobasha -Shyamal Mitra. Naam Rekhechhi Banolata -Shyamal Mitra.

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Bhalobaso Tumi Shunechi Anekbar DA Films Schooler katha mone pare Anurag Bhattacharyya baba sunto age shyamal mitrar gaan Henry Gomes very very nice song thanks admin Somehow I osna in love with the tune without understanding the meaning of these unforgettable musical words.

I have never seen him though I stayed in Naihati for quite a some time in my childhood. I remember that incident but not him as a person.

Jimut Sarkar This song is sdiner mind and thought giving evergreens feelings each others at all time. Pradip Kumar My dad like the song by parijat.

Partha Protim Nandy Darun.

Swdiner Banerjee much better but the music of Indraneel Sen’s is much better. Tapan Datta Chiro kaler premer gaan! Partha Basu satti ei gaanta jakhan suni takhan bhabi sediner Sona jhara sandhya guli kothay.


Now we don’t have as good singers but the music is much more improved and sounds better than before.

Bar bar sunte mon chay Anadi Kundu One of the best songs of Shyamal Mitra. There is something special in the great singer’s voice which attracts us. This song is everybody’s mind and thought giving evergreens feelings each others at all time. Judhajit Dasgupta shyamal mitra’s one of the best song.

Nazmul Abedin Chowdhury Shymal Mitra has very romantic voice. Sumit Simlai The entire steel guitar parts have been played by the great Sunil Ganguly. When the singer johra inI was in my College NIT,Durgapur and felt a pang of dediner in my heart as if I sediner sona jhora sandhya lost someone very near to me.

Sediner Sona Jhora Sandhya-A Tribute to Legendary Singer and Composer Shyamal Mitra

The day his father died probably Sfdiner saw a glimpse of the great singermy mother who is a dying fan of him tried to show him to me. In the olden days there was no digital music so the quality was not as good as the present day. Sanjoy Pal My mother used to sing this song eandhya I was very little. Birendranath Bedi Evergreen song of the great Shyamal Mitra.


Sediner sona jhora Music Playlist: Best Sediner sona jhora MP3 Songs on

Arindam Gupta nice song Prithibi Amare Chay Tarun Banerjee Tapan Patra These songs has the potential to stop a busy passer by. Even today when I listen to him I go down the memory lane and find solace. Eti Roy prem Kai mane kariye dilo. Sayanta Naskar heart touching. Voice range is magnificient. wandhya

Sediner Sona Jhora Sandhya -Shyamal Mitra

Ami Eto Je Tomay Bhalobesechi Manas Pal shyamal Mitra was really a magician. But whatever he has is super. His father whom I used to visit with my father for the treatment of my tonsillitis.