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A game can have multiple strategies depending on the outcome of the initial challenges. You can contact me for more clarifications at mttacder dot gmail dot com go figure. Views Read Edit View history. Captain Three Magdalo Triangles. Unlike chess or its variants, there is no predetermined layout for the pieces, allowing each player to place the pieces in different squares to his advantage or according to his strategy.

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I consider coding as a day job and a past time. The allocation of spaces 6 vacant squares is important for the tactical movement of the individual salpakan online in the first three ranks, because a piece that has friendly pieces in front, behind, and on each side is effectively immobilized until a space opens up on these adjacent squares. IE 9 and below were not tested but I can’t say that you can’t use them nor I will say that you should use them.

This page was last edited on 7 Novemberat salpakan online The two middle rows fourth rank from each player’s edge of the board are initially empty at the start of the game and represent “no man’s land” or “unconquered territory” that the contending pieces can occupy or leave vacant, depending on each player’s strategy.

There is also no predetermined salpakah of play. In plastic sets, the colors commonly used in the pieces are black and white. Most games salpakan online in a victory for one of the players.


The game can also be played without an salpakan online. Views Read Edit View history. Nor does Generals have any immovable pieces both the flag and the bombs in Stratego are salakan. The game simulates armies at war trying to outflank and outmaneuver each other.

So, please expect server downtimes during that period from of the month. Captain Three Magdalo Triangles.

The Game of The Generals Online

In metal sets, the color of the board is commonly brown and the pieces are aluminum colored. June Learn how and when to remove this template message. All you have to salpakan online is remember who’s rank is greater than who eg: The player’s set of pieces represent 21 soldiers salpakan online with a hierarchy of ranks salpakqn functions.

If both soldiers are of equal rank, both are eliminated colloquially termed as a “split”. Best viewed with salpakan online latest browsers: Learn the Art of Deception, and you can win almost every game with any strategy. A higher-ranking piece usually the officers will eliminate any lower-ranking piece, salapkan the sal;akan of the 2 Spies, which eliminate all pieces except salpakan online 6 Privates.

Certain strategies and tactics, however, allow both sides the chance of securing a better idea of the other’s plan as the game progresses. Also, the free server allocation will be used up about days before the month, depending on usage.


The Game of the Generals ‘ public introduction was on February 28, By using this site, you agree to the Salpaakn of Use and Privacy Policy. In addition, unlike Strategowhich features two “lakes” in the middle of the board, all the squares on the board are accessible. A piece cannot move into a square already occupied by a friendly piece. These modifications are often combined with each other to make onkine game more challenging. However, any player may propose a draw at any time; the opponent can either decline, so play continues, or agree, and thus the game ends in a tie.

Salpakan Online

Sometimes a Spy has to be sacrificed against a known enemy Spy in order to clear the way for your Sweepers to eliminate the remaining enemy pieces. Deception and psychological warfare can be a major component of the game. Apart from the Flag the Philippine Flag and the Spy a pair of prying salpakan onlinethe rank insignia of the pieces used in the game are those used in the Philippine Salpakan online.

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