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But when i put tubes next to each other they connect. Might want to tune the sizes of the flanges a bit though: I have a mine deep down and using a teleport tube to bring them to my base then i want to sort them. Even more to the decorative elements. Change log in pipeworks says Teleport. You might like some of my stuff:

minetest pipeworks

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An example there is a deployer facing upward, with ;ipeworks, wet soil on top of it, and loaded with cotton or wheat seeds or receiving them from a tube. Anyway to keep them from connecting.

The TBM Mod im kinetest said not to run it across the 0,0,0 location, so i was wondering about the teleport tube. All lumps to first box on top. VanessaE have you done crafting recipes for this yet and can it move water now so it can work with the new farming mod http: Make that you can transport water!

Got a 3d printer? I routinely send quarry output to my house nodes away with teleport tubes. Tubes come in several variants: Head over to my Thingiverse project. No crafting recipes yet and the pipes still don’t do anything useful yet.


minetest pipeworks

Call this function if a pipe is placed and also call it for all the pipes around the one that is placed perhaps a nicer-looking oil mod? Resources are abundant; only money is scarce.

These windows only appear on straight lengths and on certain junctions.

Pipeworks | Nathan’s Website

So once all that is done, to send lumps ninetest the first box on top I assume by ‘first’ you mean closest to the injectoryou would add lumps to the green box for the first tube on the bottom and turn it “on”, then add lumps to the white box for the first tube on the top and turn it “on”.

All pipes are now nice and round-looking, and they auto-connect! No trees or animals were hurt in the production of this message.

minetest pipeworks

There you’ll find modified versions of all of the different shapes of pipes and various pipe-related devices, ready for printing. Last edited by VanessaE on Thu Nov 28, 7: Change log in pipeworks says Teleport. Then in the setup window you have a door and red stone going to red.

To send cobble all the way to the last chest on the bottom, make sure all the sorting tubes on the bottom row have their red box set to “on”, except the last one. Cobblestone to last box on bottom.


I never even thought of that. Rewrote the whole thing, added end caps. I tried it on the surface and it worked fine but when i try it from the cave, all the items fall on the ground out of the tube and dont get transported.

Technic mod x Haven Texture Pack. Board index All times are UTC.

Mods/Pipeworks – Minetest Wiki

With red, blue and green, yellow next to each other which one do you use to move it to the next sort. And cactus going to white which is shutoff. Make more sense now? It seems really complicated but once you get pipeworkd hang of it its actually quite simple.

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Pioeworks place the seeds on top of the hoed soil when triggered. Society can thrive without money – but only if productive members of society are rewarded for being productive.

minetest pipeworks

Please note that owing to the nature of this for the sake of decent appearance and function, I have opted to use larger-thanpx textures on the pipes and related devices. Even more to the decorative elements.