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April 19, at 1: September 6, at 4: July 10, at 3: Rarely do resource packs with that age get updates. This graphic continuation is built on public contributions from the forum and is curated by graphic designers. April 7, at 7:

minecraft texture pack soartex fanver 1.8.1

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minecraft texture pack soartex fanver 1.8.1

December 29, at April 10, at 7: The “fan-version” of Soar49’s Soartex delivers a smooth and clean aesthetic to Minecraft. August 7, Like they loved using the Soartex resource pack, fans minecarft equally be happy with the new Soartex Fanver.

January 26, at 1: Leave A Reply Click here to cancel reply. Even in as much as Soar49 can be credited imnecraft tribute for the original version Soartexit very much differs from the Soartex Fanver in many aspects. This is a basis of trust for the pack.


September 15, at 8: February 18, at 9: Soartxe 22, at 2: August 25, at April 5, at 7: Invictus Invictus aims for a crisp feel, with a style strictly cast by two artists: Gradients and distracting patterns are eliminated, many base textures are remade to reduce aliasing, and foliage has a broad color depth.

Also, I love how visible all of the ores are. The Fanver has more modern textures alongside the ones that were found in Soartex.

So, the players can always see the floor of rivers, lakes, shallow ocean parts, and other water bodies for strongholds. May 18, at 9: Rarely do resource packs with that age get updates.

minecraft texture pack soartex fanver 1.8.1

I have been looking through every item, and the only bad ones I have found have been the flowers. EnfiCraft is a clever mixture between a cartoony and a realistic texture pack.

Soartex Fanver Texture Pack for Minecraft PE 32x 64x

May 7, at 6: January 16, at 1: With the default look, I always miss coal or iron and what-not. May 4, at 3: April 23, at 7: Main Download Lite Download. January 11, at 1: April 1, at 7: Fanver updates on Fridays, by the way. September 11, at 1: Ovo’s Rustic Pack 1.8.1 a beautiful and incredibly detailed 64×64 texture pack with a medieval Also, the textures are tailor-made for the players to look more accustomed.


This one is made by the fans.